No.. the woofles aren’t for me. Rather.. S was baking for a fund raising event this weekend. So, the woofles would be packed into bags and for sale to raise funds.
The ingredients are pretty straight forward… the usual flour, oats, eggs, oil, honey.. etc.. but wat’s special about my woofles is that the bananas are home grown.. yup.. you heard that right.. lovingly grown and tendered by S’s parents.. and FERTILIZED by ME!!!!

MUARHARHARHAR… and i can guarantee that they are yummy!

Making Wooffles

You can click on the pictures to see what the ingredients are.

Mashed bananas

Mashed bananas

Mixing the dry ingedients into the wet ones

Mixing the dry ingredients  into the wet… stir stir stir..

Wooffles mixture

Yucky looking mixutre… but then it becomes..

Baked Wooffles

Very yummy wooffles!!! kekekekkekeke

Pleading eyes

When will they be ready???? Can I get some??


Look at me.. i haven’t eaten in 21 days!!!

Cutesy face works?

All for me??

Wooffles for me?

I’m a happy boy!

(actually.. not for him.. for fund raising!!!)