I just got a comment on one of the old posts that i wrote about donating blood and the commentor requested that i put a link to his website, Dog Blood Donors. Of course, i did my research before placing the link .. and i’m envious that UK has such a service available for them.

Dog Blood Donors is a site where you can register if you want and am able to donate blood. Hence, in case where when vets and dogs need blood to be donated, they can look up the database and find donors. Every person/dog who signs up will and may be saving a life.
Isn’t it great? I know how difficult it was for Jeanie, Jack and even Bruno to look for donors when they were sick. It is hard, not only cos in order to donate blood, you need to be of a certain size and weight and then, you still need the blood to match the patient! I know that this service will come in use if any of my friends or even myself fall sick.So…. you think we can come up with something simliar in Singapore?