I had the most wonderful time at the dog hash this sat. Even before the run started… i already started jumping into the huge drains for a swim.. and we were definitely off to a great start.. plenty of mud holes, storm drains, pools and even streams. Err… not only dogs have their feet wet.. all the humans had wet feet too.. and were in at least ankle deep water at some point or other!

I really liked the track… it wasn’t flat like last month’s.. it was hilly and had ups and downs.. and had lots of water. Plus the weather was great.

Some of the dogs were really tired though and even had to get the car to come and fetch them. Not me though.. it was ON! ON! ON! all the way for me.. from start and i would like to say to the finsh.. but i can’t cos S was sosososososo slow!

On on

Start singing (tune to sound of music)

The hills are alive.. with the sounds of barking!

Everyone's in ankle-deep mud

The mud that i have… can’t be washed in a thousand years!!!


Picture of Ashley and Ceaser with Ceaser’s human (by Sihui)

Why do you look like that Aunty V?

These pictures are by Aunty Evelyn. For more pictures look here (by Evelyn)

BTW, I’m looking for the next hash cos i’m going to do the run twice.. once to set it.. and the other to run with rest of the dogs. Ain’t i smart? And how did i get this wonderful opportunity? By volunteering S to be the hare. All i needed to go was to get her to raise her hand when they were asking for volunteers.. and i did that by attempting to eat her curry puff! Smart right?

BTW.. just in case you guys are curious where the next site would be.. it’d be at Kranji.. and there is a possibility that we will be running pass A.S. Gispert, the hash founder’s grave. Yes.. the hash founder is in Singapore. All the more we should pay tribute to him right? And.. it’d be fun and great too.. and you know what i mean right?

Now.. Aunty A, you up for setting the trail with me? Be good practice.. and the next time.. you’d have to do it know? All members have to do it once a year!!!

Edit: BTW.. i think that it is tradition and good manners to stay back for the circle and at least wait for everyone to finish the hash and thank the hare who set the trail for a good run. I will be expecting that the next hash when i am setting the trail. Well.. if you are just strictly going for the run and just eat then leave, there are tracks available for you to run. Doesn’t make a difference with you run with the hash or not.

Note that hashing has a long tradition.. it’s not just running. Here are some sites that explains what hashing is.