It was pouring… and we really thought that the run was going to be cancelled.

Everyone was like stuck somewhere… eddy, dokey and lovey were stuck at parliment house.. toto in the car park..
Rain rain rain!

S and I were pretty early… and when the skies opened up, we were stuck under a small tent. Doesn’t help that the sides weren’t covered… there were several people seeking shelter under that tent, including the very funny boy.

It kept keep dripping water…. i wasn’t properly sheltered.. and the puddles started to form.


A very drowned dog look.

And i don’t know why he was so happy. Strange fellow. He was just as wet as me! Check out the Bernese Mountain Dog behind.. a real life one!


See.. i believe that i could have gotten first in the doggy race.. if S didn’t hold me back. You can actually see it in the videos below.

You can watch the report in the Chinese news

or as reported in the English news

Saw me and my friends?

See K and Kaiser and S and myself running

The spotlight is on Kai-boy

See, spotlight was on Kai-boy

S claims that the floor was slippery and she almost fell.. so she ran slowly… oh well… it was fun though..

S enjoyed it cos she got to drool over her Ritchie Ren.. kekekkekekekkeke

Pstt.. Hi toto and jeannie!!!!! See you all again very soon okies?