As you may know… i volunteered for hare duty for Dec’s dog hash. Aunty Sandra, S and myself went for a recee today.. there’s going to be a couple more with Uncle G whose’s more familiar with the site. The place is so big… we actually got lost!!! It was Aunty Sandra first visit there in a long time and she wasn’t familiar with the place. We had to climb in all sorts of funny places..Aunty S and S even had to carry me up and across some funny stuff and then.. even bashing through stuff….. all i can say is it’s going to be very interesting… Be PREPARED!!!

Running in the fields

It's a tough climb

Where are we?

BTW… this is us at the end of the 2.5 hr site recee.
How did we end up so dirty?

All smiles though

P/s… you don’t need to step into the nature reserve to find such places in Singapore for us to run.