It was a long and tiring weekend for S…as she left the house early in the morning to take pictures.. rush back.. collect all the hash trail marking stuff… and not forgetting Oliver and myself to go and set the trail for the hash site. It was lucky that Aunty A and Aunty Y had agreed to help up prepare the circle snacks… else i wonder how S would have coped.

Oliver was my trusty scout when we were setting the trail…

Can you spot Oliver the Beagle?

He’d be scouting in the tall bushes.. and all we can see is his tail tip. Isn’t it great?

It’s a long route…. and not forgeting quiet too

Nice and quiet...

and see everything that S has to carry?

Setting the trail with lots of company

Flour, toilet paper, shedded paper, chalk and glow sticks.

Here’s Mini-mini humper putting the flour circle on the ground (a circle that everyone didn’t follow o check.. and took the false trail that we set!! Maurharharhar!!)

Putting a big circle

Guess who was leading the way all the time?

On on

See all the hares? Mini Humper aka Uncle Gerald and his daughter.

Needless to say.. the setting of the trail is hard work… so Ollie took the time to cool off (don’t let Aunty P find out wat Ollie was up to!)

Cooling mud bath for Ollie

And so did i

Both dogs enjoying themselves

We had a blast in this little stream before anyone else came along!

And now the waiting begins..

Ollie was sent up the hill to be the bait…

Is this a happy dog?

With him howling on top of the hill.. everyone took the false trail and climbed up the hill. It was darn funny…

Oliver the bait

Everyone went up the hill

So cheery at first..


then they realised that it was a false trail..

Suzanne without her dog

Aunty S was too stunned to move..

Who's the naughty hare?

Aunty V showed us what she tot of us..

Jara the handsome ridgeback

Jara obviously wasn’t very happy.

We took the opportunity to take a group picture… final hash of 2006

Group picture of Dec hash 2006

(peeps and doggies who wants a copy of the group pix.. please email S or myself.. and we can forward you the high res. file!)

And it’s on on!

Down the hill

into the wilderness

We had 2 very different 1st timers..

Junior who was sosososo bouncy..

A very happy Junior


Who's the baby?

we should be given Eric a down down for that!!

As for me? i was happy to be taking a mud bath with my BFF

Another dip

Before long…

A much needd rest

we reached the end.

A Long way home

Some funny things did happened though. Duchess ran off and her human couldn’t find her. As the hares were the sweepers… we tried to stay behind to look for her. However, we suspected that Duchess actually went to the front of the group.. so S and myself decided to go and take a look. After we caught up with the group.. true enough.. Duchess had been with her boyfriend. This is the final time that she’d be him though… cos Jara will be moving to Hong Kong. We wish him the best though!!

Jara the boyfriend

Finally.. drinks.. we'd drink out of anything

Here’s the induction for all the newbies..
Aunty C wore new shoes.. Evil Aunty A didn’t tell her not too..

Aunty A and Aunty C

And.. Aunty Y got pushed over into the mud… and Aunty Yvonne got peed on by the Kai-boy who, together with Uncle Mick’s Samoyed got the cleanest dog awards!!

Mick and the cleanest dog

Oh.. and guess who was the greediest dog?

OLIVER!!! He stole sandwiches from the food table and had to be leashed.. but he ended up making so much noise!

Me? i was the grumpiest… kekkekeke

Must be the mossies and sandflies..

Did you all get it too? S tell me that she is still itching from their bites! 😦

Having covered the area 2 times on the day was great.. however, i can’t say the same for S.
In fact, S looks like this now!

Thanks you jelleybeano for making her look so her… 😛

p/s: for more pictures of the hash… check out here

See you guys next hash in the new year!!!