Starring Malimo..

A touching story between a little girl and her border collie… seen from both perspective

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p/s reminded S of her previous dog.. 😦

Ah, Marlimo

Ah, Marlimo


“This is Mary”

From the first moment that I met you

“how are you?”

You are so small

Really so small

So small that you didn’t seemed to be able to stand up against the wind

Thought that you were Thumbelina

Younger than me by many years

But am so mischievous

Born later than me


Why is it that you got age faster?

Tell me why?

Why sigh?

Why do you bite the clothes?

Why do you hide my shoe?

Why do you have to walk in front of me?

Wait for me Marlimo

Why are you in such a hurry?

Why is it that you became a mummy earlier than me?

Yet I am still a child

I do not understand

Still don’t understand

Still don’t understand

I still want to find out more about Marlimo

Why is it that you became a granny earlier than me?

Why is it that…

Why? Why? Why?

Why keep dogs?

Just would like to keep


This and that

Feel such so sorrow

Marlimo.. this is too much

I hate Malimo

A thing like dog

A thing like dog

It’s better not to keep

Part 2


“be careful”

Ah, Mary

Don’t be sad

The truth is


“Are you tired?”

I’m very fortunate

All the while..

All the while…

All the while.. you are my older sister

The most reliable good older sister

Sorry that I have always been mischievous towards you

Sorry that I have always spoilt things

Sorry that I hid your red shoe

But that was my most precious treasure


Every day when you bring me out I’m very happy


“Wait for me! Marlimo!”

When I became a mummy

You were just as happy as me

“This is great! This is great!”

You were moved to tears

“so cute!”

Even gave them very cute names

I love your smile

Even told me the names of many different flowers

“Marlimo..this is the ocean!”

Even brought me to the sea

“Marlimo! Marlimo..”

I was too happy and got lost

“Do you want to eat?”

It was very delicious

Even chased away the bees for me

Mary is really brave


“Eat your dinner…”

Sorry… The food were just bought

So much left…

I would like to go..

To see the ocean once more

Smell the scent of the ocean


Mary and I…

Cannot have a conversation

If I can just say one thing to you…

What I would like to say…

What I would like to say…

What I would like to say…

What I would like to say…

What I would like to say is …

A little shy….

Ah Mary..

Thank you for your love