Miss Sunshade thought that I’d make a good elf (darn hilarious BTW)…

However… in actual fact.. i’ve been in secret training… to become Santa’s latest addition to his herd(??) of reindeers.

Don’t believe me? I’ve been practising my sledding skills by pulling S on blades. Given that she is not as heavy (I’m only telling the truth.. it’s not a naughty thing to say) as the jolly man in the red suit.. but i figured.. it’s about the same right? Well… apparently not so.. cos there’s no snow in Singapore at all. It’s so warm, bright and sunny!

Sleigh dog in Singapore

So here’s me… working hard as a sleigh reindeer (sorry that the video is making your neck uncomfortable… my elf didn’t know how to hold the camera!)

See here

Did you ask me where’s my reindeer antlers?

Here they are..

I want to be santa's reindeer...

What do you think? Can i pass off as a reindeer? Say yes please??

Can't i?

i just want to be a good boy for Christmas.. so that i’d get all my presents!