i know that my previous post may have scared lots of people off.. honestly, i don’t bite and i’m a really, truly a good boy.

Previously, i wrote about how Search and Rescue didn’t really accept me cos i didn’t and wouldn’t bark at anything else besides motorbikes and seabreeze oil. The funniest was when S’s dad wanted me to bark so he went “Arf! Arf!” I mistook it as “OUT! OUT!” and left the room.

Listen to the conversation.. you can actually hear the silly man go, ” Eh? Where (are) you go(ing)?”

After much reluctance, bribery and tears.. i’m happy (actually, i’m not happy… but S wanted me to say that i am) to announce that i’m now able to “speak” on demand!!!!

(S’s Note: I’m very proud of him!!)