Mine was good. This year, i got tons of cards.. and even presents!

Yummy Christmas goodies that Aunty Jellybeano got from the States for me. The cookies were from this really cool store from Chicago called Tails in the City.

It looked too pretty to eat…

For me?

Let me untie the presents… i’m good at using my mouth and teeth even though i do not have opposable thumbs!

Oh.. finally!

They are yummy, i tell you.

BTW… i no longer need to depend on S for my rides..

I got a hitch-hiker sign from Miss Sunshade!

I believe that with the sign.. i can hitch a ride to anywhere i want to go.

If you see me and my sign by the side of the road… wouldn’t you offer me a ride?

Hope that everyone had a good Christmas too!