January 2007

Date: Saturday 03 February 2007

Time: 4:30pm Registration

5:00pm Run Starts

Location; Meeting point 6 almost at the end of Chestnut Ave.

Map: 2005/ 2006 Edition page;64 1A

Direction: Chestnut Ave.

Hares:Keith, Nicky, David, Sparky and Poppy.

For the safety of all HUMAN runners, members/guests must wear proper RUNNING SHOES on the trail. Members/guests in sandals, flip-flops or slippers will not be allowed on the run.

P/S members please don’t forget to bring along your sub.

Members fees:

Non-Beer Drinkers $60* (half year)

Beer Drinkers $80* (half year)

Guest not registered:

Non-Beer drinkers $15

Beer Drinkers $20

Dogs……… FOC

*Fees include all drinks and circle snacks.

For further information call

Sandra hp: 9833 9317

Alice hp: 9842 2483

Lily hp: 9658 5868

Web page: www.doghash.com

See you there!

ON Woof!


It has come to my attention that there is a particular group of people who are claiming to be a dog “hash” or “hashing” group in Singapore.

Do note that to my knowledge, there is no other dog hash/hashing group in Singapore other then the SK9HHH.

As their “blog” or “website” is holding a “hash” next weekend, same weekend as SK9HHH dog hash. It is not to be confused with the dog hash.

Do note that that group does not has any associations, affiliations, connections or relations with THE WORLD HASH HOUSE HARRIERS and its traditions as founded by A.E. Gispert.

For information and run schedules, please refer to http://www.doghash.com, the only dog hashing group in Singapore that run 1st Saturaday of every month.

Field Ranger, Kingsley reporting.

Under the command of our fearless leaders, Mini Humper aka Gerald and Adrenaline junkie, Kenneth, we had a very successful recee of the dog hash site for run #62 in March.

We were receeing the site for 2 runs – Lion City HHH and SK9HHH, so we had the company humans from the 2 hashing groups consisting of our leaders, Maria, Eleven, Jadely, CK and S.

All dog hashers will be glad to know that i have survived the recee from the brink of death to bring you this report of the first recee of the site.. as you can see from the things that our fearless co-leader had to do..

As much as i like my job to be easy peasy without much hassle, a undulating terrain gives me so much more pleasure in hashing.

And since i love water… how can we not have any?

It is going to be a great one for all of us.. and you can trust my words.

We got to enjoy a nice long break on the knoll of a hill too.

And needless to say.. I had a BLAST!!!!

Do note that the dog hash committee had decided with immediate effect, for the safety of all HUMAN runners, members/guests must wear proper RUNNING SHOES on the trail. Members/guests in sandals, flip-flops or slippers will not be allowed on the run.

Oh.. and this site needs you to guide your humans.. so please stay close to your humans and leash them okies?

Here’s me and S, signing off

ETA: Molly is still looking for a home. The planned adoption didn’t go thru cos of limitions by the potential adoption and not thru any fault of Molly.

Molly has found a home..

And I’m happy for her. It’s a home that she will have companions, be well-taken care of, well trained and even may get to become a champion in the near future.

Way to go, Molly!

I’ll be seeing you around.. and I’ll cheer for you when you go for your competitions!

(picture by Nick)

Have a good life.. and i’m awfully glad for you that you have gotten this second chance to live up to your fullest potential.

Do you best, Babe!!

Readers may know that i don’t really fancy brown dogs, well dogs that are bigger than me.. especially Huskies and German Shepherds. The first time and subsequent times that i have met any German Shepherds i had had the same reaction.

Well… i wouldn’t say that i have made any German Shepherd friends.. but i have become more tolerant of German Shepherds. Why this change? Because of this beautiful girl.

Nikki the GSD and Derek

Meet Nikki… with her Daddy. I normally meet her during my morning walks.. and it is through many of such walks that we have become more oblivious of each other’s existence. And S will tell you it’s a good thing cos otherwise… the whole neighbourhood will be WIDE AWAKE with us shouting at each other…kekekek. As you can see.. we can take walks together without us wanting to lunge at each other.. and can sit and stay in relative close distances.

Nikki was abandoned at a marina in Singapore with another dog after the thrill of owing of dogs wore off for her owner. The two dogs (another collie/spitz mix) were left with without water, food or shelter, except for the efforts of a employee who was there to care for them. When she quit working at the marina, there was no one to care for Nikki and the other dog. What’s worse was that the monsoon season came.. and they were totally helpless. The lady.. got in touch with SPCA… however, the conditions of the two dogs weren’t that great, healthwise and SPCA may not want to keep them alive.. so the lady contacted her own friends and such.. and managed to get JJ’s mum to take a look.

Turned out the Nikki is such a gentle girl.. and is a great sibling to JJ. However, due to the months of neglect that she had suffered, she now needs to bulid up strength in the hip areas and also is undergoing heartworm treatment (yup.. she’s got heartworm.. don’t think that SPCA would have treated her condition and i’m not supposed to get her all excited too!!).

All i can say that Kelly and Derek are both doing a great job.. and i’m going to miss them.. cos they’d be moving to a big house end of this week.. to a place where Nikki and JJ can run around free in and out of the house.. and in the garden too. Isn’t great?

Now.. if only i get my invite to visit them once in a while.

p/s in case you are wondering about the collie/spitz mix.. she got adopted too by a nice family too.

The past few days just flew past and i had fun fun fun.

I’ve been wanting to meet the co-founder of my BBC for the longest time but hasn’t had much time to do so. BTW, recruitment for the club is going great. I’m getting buttons for us to wear soon.

We were all set to meet up at Sentosa.. however, he was late. Must be throwing a tantrum again.

All i could do was to entertain myself with my Squido (as christianed by Aunty Jellybeano).

(all pictures by ck)

Oh, just for your information, i heard that Cafe de Mar is looking for a beach mascot hunk. What do you think? Can i apply to be the beach hunk? Check out my bone structure, my poise and good looks!

Finally, they arrived!!

(pictures by CK)

And before long.. the sunset and we had to leave

ETA: I think that it is very BAD SPORTSMANSHIP when one rotti is unable to swim as fast as me to get Squido and decides instead to clamber all over me and tries to drown me. That was MOST CERTAINLY A FOUL… and it’s not funny when i tried to make my complaints heard by all within earshot (S: yeah right….it is funny when everyone on the beach could hear you complaining… five minutes after that incident!)

However, that wasn’t the end of all the fun. We had to wake up early this morning for some fresh air, frisbee, running, open space and fellow black and whites.

(pictures by K)

Aunty Jellybeano bought yummy food… Uncle K brought the picnic table and chairs.. S and I were all set to sit on the ground… but you know.. chairs and tables has its advantages too. And soon we were off playing frisbee and running around.

It was great fun… all the open space and no one to bother us.

Humans and canines

Behind the scenes

(various pictures by K and jellybeano)

What’s the plan for next week?? A Hash site recee…. can’t wait for that!!

This is Molly, a 9 month old border collie with a mainly white face.

She has got a very good temperment. However, she is extremely smart, has tons of energy, and loves to chew… given that she is still a puppy. And she is looking for a home.



unglam molly_1

Molly the BC

Well.. not everyone is suitable for border collies.

And Molly needs a owner who is willing to work her and train her and not just leave her at home.. She’d go crazy.. and you’d go crazy with the destruction that she is capable of.

Potential adopters will be screened very carefully. Note that BCs are not suitable for first time owners and students, don’t bother to apply. Adoption fees may be applicable. And Molly will be neutered.

If you are interested… contact me.

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