thanks to S’s nice* dentist, i have gotten my x’mas present today.

Well.. it’s not that i didn’t get any previously, i gotten the orka chew toy with rope and frisbees, two of them on my x’mas wish list..

My Orka chew toy!


But one of the gift needed S’s coorperation.

See Aunty WL gave me this book,

Doggie Desserts: Delicious Homemade Treats for Happy, Healthy Dogs by Cheryl Gianfranceso

I can’t bake without her help. kekeke

This time round, i got pork cookies… just using wheat flour, wheatgerm, minced pork and oil.

Baking pork cookies
* now most hoomans and dogs that i know DO NOT like to visit the denist. Afterall, who likes noisy drilly things in their mouth and making them hurt? S included.

However, becos she cracked her tooth, she needed to visit the denist. And normally.. you will never call your dentist nice, right? But this dentist that she went to was nice.. cos:

1. He acknowledged my existence and asked about me when he saw that S was carrying my X’mas present.

2. He helped S save money for more of my bones by extracting her tooth instead of crowning it.

3. He didn’t give S mouch discomfort during the session.. so much so that S was still in a nice mood after the surgery.

4. He gave S a day off work.. and that in turn meant good news for me cos she managed to bake for me.

Yummy Cookies

See my yummy treats?

Now.. should i share some of my goodies with the dentist’s dog?

Can't Wait!

Well.. i would.. if i get to see him during the next dog hash! Quick… else there wouldn’t be any treats left!!!