Did you know that after the hash yesterday.. i took a bath that lasted over 2 days? 6th to 7th Jan ( it started on 6th Jan and ended on 7th Jan!!!) ?

The reason was simple… cos i looked like this

I'm the coolest!

Now… see that amount of black that grew on me? i seemed to attract mud.. unlike some other dogs i know… mainly this one (he repells dirt) and this one..

See while i am a tough and rumble dog…

Mud dog in action

And whose's feet?

I figured out that this dog managed to keep clean cos this was what happened.

For carrying Molly

I’m glad that i found fellow mud lovers though.. in fact.. i love Princess only if she is muddy. (p/s.. i have search myself and found out why i dislike husky… tell you about it next time)

The only husky for me

ETA: Princess in full glory (from her website)

Who's this?

Things started well at the hash…

At the Starting point

Making Friends

Smells lovely

All ears


Let's move it everyone

However, due to a T-stop error. A lot of people got confused and the whole hash group got spilt up. It didn’t help that some of the guests didn’t brisk walk or jog… in fact they were like strolling in the park (yet they claimed that they was running.. har har har har). Someone commented that they was moving like a GLACIER. S found it sososos hilarious. She learnt a new word yesterday and was so pleased. So becos of the mixed up, we waited for over 15-20 mins at the Holding circle for the rest of the pack..

Holding circle

Precious time that could have been used to cover the whole distance. Instead, the route was shortened to accomondate the walkers. We were so disappointed.. we wanted it to go on and on and on!!!

There were calls to educate the guests.. at least to let them know that they ARE SUPPOSED to keep with the pack.. and not stroll… else, the dash need to set a walking trail in the future. This way, time wouldn’t be wasted waiting for the back pack. I was so bored to be honest. And that’s when i start taking my mud baths.

It was really lucky for the guests that the past 2 hashes were on TOTALLY DOG FRIENDLY locations. I found it really weird cos i know that i’m supposed to stick by S… at least within sight. Cos sometimes on other hash sites.. we have to cross roads and such.. and during times like this, we need our owners to leash us up and help us to cross roads. There were dogs running without their owners… and while each of us know that we have our own owners to look to, some of the dogs were without owners. I know for a fact that there was this dog that almost got hit by a car cos the owner was nowhere near the dog (not within sight) and obviously the dog didn’t respond to anyone calling to him cos we don’t know the name and was running away, luckily.. someone managed to grab hold and also that very same dog got caught in the bushes and couldn’t come out and was crying and crying in pain. I wonder if that dog was hurt or not.

As usual, after the hash… it was CIRCLE time…

Down-downs for the usual suspects, hares, guests, virgins…

Wrong footwear

Brown booties

oh.. and check out this cheeky fellow with a camera checking out the butt!!

Victim and the villian

For being Sparky’s owners

Poor Sparky's owners

For Australians

Yeah to Australia!

Cheer's to Australia

(for those in the dark.. the Australians beat the English in cricket in the recent Ashes 5 -0)

For smiling

A Smiling Mick

(For your information… Uncle Mick normally looks like this)

And hence.. it’s not a surprise that his dog looks like this too

Who's the party pooper?

And in case you want to know who is Sunny the dog who simply lies in the middle of the road and refuses to move…

Poor owner

Just in case you are wondering what else is a NO-NO???


This one was lucky not to get a down-down too

This is not a cup

It’s a party hat!!.. all of us got one…

Party Animals!!

It was to celebrate Princess and Duchess’ birthdays!

Duchess the Birthday girl

Evonne and Duchess

Birthday Kiddos

Lovely Evonne

We had cake,

Birthay cake

miffins, and even goodie bags..

All of us are so happy.. excluding Coco the lab (not his fault cos his owners tot that the hat was a cup) and Stinky

Hence grumpy owner equals grumpy dog

(not his fault cos his owner is Uncle Mick)


Toto the gay boy

Here's a happy one

Molly the BC


Here’s to a great hash… and a even greater one next month!!

Handsome dudes part 2

BTW.. find out what we did after the hash here.

OHOHOHOH.. and I found out that this one and this one are gay!!!!