I had a really busy weekend. Morning hike that started at 5.30 am… Evening hash… Didn’t get much shut-eye.. and on Sunday… went to the SKC pooch pinic thingy.. where i met Dokey, Ben, Princess and Duchess too and that i was in the finals for the best looking dog.. but too bad i was limping a bit.. cos of a cut from the hash.. and didn’t get into the top few.
And i was tagged by Chester for a new year’s resolution too.

Wat to do?

My one and only resolution

1. Make more friends and not enemies…

i) Get a nice picture taken with Chester so that that can be her S’s wedding present!!!

ii) Less tigerface

iii) Love motorcyclists and other road users (after all the roads doesn’t not belong to S’s grandfather!)

Okies.. 5 more dogs to tag? hrrmmpp.. TOTO, PRINCESS, DUCHESS, BEN and ISLAY!

BTW.. if i can’t get a nice picture of me and chester together…

His S will get this picture as a wedding present instead.

(picture by CK)

What do you think?