Following my previous post about my new years resolution, Dirtydawgs commented that I need to work on my aggression problem big time… and it didn’t help that same person kept spamming me and putting in nasty and bitchy comments using a different nickname (i know how to check ip addresses and such see.. such a smart dog) on my blog.. Sigh..

It hurts.. hurts so much that i have to start moderating the comments. You know wat a chore it is??

Anyway.. for those not in the loop.. i have deep, dark secrets and wounds… secrets and wounds that are sososos deep that i don’t remember them. All i remember was that i was abandoned and throw in the slammer and left to rot (sorry Uncle Cohen and Aunty Kat.. i need more drama in my life) until S came along.

So.. it’s really sad that i may not be able to fulfill my New Year’s Resolution at all.. and it’s only in January and i know that i’m not alone too.

How How How??


A club where all of the BAD BOYS like me can hang out, compare ear tattoos, prowress, gleaming white teeth and even fighting style.

And you know that chicks like the ever-captivating Miss Sunshade (one of my loves) dig BAD BOYS… not pansy-wansy gays..

Now.. for a limited time, when you sign up, you can get

1. A whole year’s supply of home baked cookies. They come in a variety of flavours.

2. Your own CUSTOMISED laptop

3. Exclusive use of a full-size private swimming pool (heated when the weather’s cold)

4. Photography session with a professional and award-winning phtotographer to take your BAD BOYS CLUB MUG SHOT

5. Personal AVATAR by Aunty Jellybeano

Best of all, membership is free!!!

Default members:

My best pal, Chester

My other best pal, Oliver

Toto – even though he’s a tissue box (not car deco as previously agreed on)

Miss Sunshade









Honorary Members

Kaiser – even though he is always so gay

Bitchy Babes




Members (add your name here!!!)


Open Invitations

To all at DWB

And an Exclusive Invite

Maverick – i know that it is so tough to live up to your namesake when your mummy wants you to a such a pansy-wansy at all times. You are named to rebel.. and you have such a potential… especially after this incident where you abandoned your mummy. She is a great and brave lady but unfortunately needs additional people to help to handle you despite of your training since young. Oh.. and i never did thank her for saving my ass previously.. Thank you! And all the best training for the marathon… do note that the hash is only 5km… hope that you don’t end up in Malaysia while running.

Come and join me in my BAD BOYS CLUB (BBC)!


P/s.. i realised i missed out the babes.. so i have added a Bitchy Babes Club (BBC too)!