Help… my blog is being hijacked by S, who thinks that the saga is crazy… and wants to make an official comment on Dirtydawgs blog and decided to put it here too!

Uncle Mick!! I need legal advice!!!!


Dear Veron Zhen Shuqing aka dirtydawgs,


Actually, it was “Kingsley” who left the comment and I didn’t think that it was lame-ass at all. The comment a direct response to your comment.


If I remember correctly, it was to the tune of “ Wah.. so lucky you… unlike me who was abused and abandoned. Good luck to running the marathon. BTW…. the dash is only 5km… and don’t run and end up in Malaysia. Hiak hiak hiak hiak”.

I thought that it is darn kick-ass funny, at least to those with a sense of humour. And I’m sorry that it also “Kingsley’s” comment on your blog that triggered such a nasty reaction from you.



In fact, in case you didn’t know and am unaware… similar comments were left on Jose, the Cain Terror’s blog and BearBear the Notti Rotti’s blog.

After running so many dashes with the dog hash, “Kingsley” was giving practical and logical advice. It is a fact that trails can be laid along and cross roads and there is a need for the owners to handle their own dogs.

I’m glad to say that their responses to “Kingsley’s” comments were positive. However, I cannot say the same about yours.

Instead of getting the message on the importance in ensuring the safety of your own dog, to make the whole hash experience enjoyable for everyone, you choose to take it personally, focusing and thinking that “Kingsley” was saying that your dog is wild, untrained, has no loyalty to his owners, has zero recall and/or that you are a lousy handler and runner.

All I can say that if I were in your position, I’d be filthy happy that my dog is safe and sound, take it as a learning experience and ensure that for the next dog hash it doesn’t happen again.

However, in respond, you choose to leave nasty, spiteful, petty and stating the obvious ‘anonymous’ comments on Kingsley’s blog as sent from your IP address, totally indicative of your low EQ, immaturity and character. Comments that I chose not to publish then to save your reputation.

The comments made about Kingsley that the dog communities in Singapore, especially the now defunct and even yourself, is known prior to his adoption by me; Behavioural problems that were developed in his prior stressful environment. I have accepted his behaviour as part of his character and am dealing with it with his every encounter with new and unfamiliar dogs. I do not shrink from the responsibility, do not endorse it, condone it, nor am proud of it. It is a fact that I constantly deal with, monitor, talk, joke and blog about it even. There also wasn’t a need for you to bring up the singular fight that Kingsley had with Jeannie (Jacq’s). He hasn’t even fought since then with her. And there wasn’t and hasn’t been any fights that Kingsley was involved in at the dog hash nor with your dog. What were you hoping to achieve?

In fact, the very first reasons why I started taking part in the dog hash was to put Kingsley in an environment that is not stressful to him and to meet people with dogs who would be tolerant of his behaviour hoping to correct it. I’m glad to say that the dog hash is everything I expected and am happy to be part of the community now. I’m also darn proud that Kingsley has shown vast improvements in his socialization skills to the extent that he can be placed with familiar dogs unsupervised.

Having said all that, the purpose of Kingsley’s blog is to provide some fun and stress relief for myself, my friends and those who are familiar with Kingsley to enjoy his pictures, adventures and most importantly, his journey with me.

Now, I am going to cease moderation on Kingsley’s blog cause I find that I have no need for it, except for a few odd, strange spammers, which I don’t feel that there is a need to protect the blog from.

Do remember that there is no 100% anonymity in the cyberworld. Anything anyone says or writes can be traced.

This episode is certainly food for thought and I’ll feedback to the dog hash committee and suggest that maybe a simple statement can be made on the website’s FAQ as well as during the briefing on the handling of dogs during the dash.

All in all, I don’t know about you… I’m definitely looking forward to the next hash. On-on!

Back to the REAL WORLD.

P/s. You can choose to publish this comment or not. In any way, I’d be posting it up on Kingsley’s blog.