I’m sososos glad that my setting up of the BBC – Bad Boys’ and Bitchy Babes’ Club was met with great enthusiasm from everyone. See.. who said that i’m making enemies? I’ve got tons of friends!

Now presenting the official list of committee and members (BTW.. i hope to collect all the Bad Boys’ and Bitchy Babes’ pictures – MENACING ONES, to put up here for all doggies and humans to identify… so if you could forward me.. that’s be great!)


Co- Founder – Kingsley the BC (You all know how i look like.. so i will not be posting my mug shoot again)

Co- Founder – Rio the Rotti (Never pissed him or his owner off! They are not as nice as me and my S)

(picture by lawerence)

President – Chester the BC ( Never ever underestimate him!)

Chester says: I figured out we’ll need a well-dressed member (to attract and recruit more bad boys and bitchy babes into our club) even though deep down we’re all angsty. So there, my new, goody-two-shoesimage….hee hee hee! Dya like it?

Vice- President – Winky the JRT ( Piss her off and she’d remember you forever)

Treasurer – Toto the BC (He’s wonderful at hoarding. Steal his food and you’d see his pearly whites!)

Toto says: I need more funds.. please give all your money to me!

Secretary – Princess the Husky ( This girl is not a pushover.. in fact.. she’d roll over you!)

Public Relations – Kasier the BC and Ah Chai the JRT (They are so gay that everyone loves them! But you know.. push them too hard.. they might just show you their BB side too)


(picture by K)

Membership recruitment – Buster the Wired Fox Terrier ( He can join on the other terrier groups on the pretext of recruiting new members)

Members welfare – Ms Sunshade the Superdale (She’s great at organising activties for everyone!)

Mediator – Milo the JRT ( For cases that can’t be resolved by the fights.. Milo will step in)

Be very scared!!!


Angel the Singapore Special

Audery the Australian Sherpherd

BearBear the Rotti (Super cheeky and lustful!)

Bear the Singapore Special

Ben the Singapore Special (Skirt Chaser)

Butchy & Snickers

Eddy the JRT (Super Humper)

Fei the Singapore Special (Her speciality is her EYE- POWER! Be very Afraid!)

Fido the BC

Floss the Cross GSD/Rotti

Humpfrey the Shih Tzu (Bully of big dogs)

Jaffe and Kaylie the PRT

Jose the Cairn Terror

Leo the JRT ( Just heard of the VERY BAD THING THAT he and Russell did!)

Miko the WahWAH

Oliver the Beagle

Osho the Cocker Spaniel

Osho’s a bad boy cos he hates big dogs (especially brown ones). He’s ball crazy too, but he always loses to all the BCs cos they’re faster and can jump higher. Looks can be VERY deceiving.

Russell the JRT ( Just heard of the VERY BAD THING THAT he and Leo did!)

Shelia the JRT