A fuzzy boy who is black and white and oh so gay,

One who never seems to tire and loves to play.

Just a little more than a pup when we first convey

Our sniffs and hellos that sunny day,

To the reservoir, we had our first outing,

And together, we even went swimming,

“Cannonball’s away!” We jumped into the pool yelling.

Expeditions and exploration with mud and stains,

Also the trekking and even climbing in and out drains,

Who can forget all the running in the rain.

Thanks for the invite to your birthday party on Saturday,

S and JB poured their hearts into making things that would make you strong and gay.

Supplements and Cookies carved with your name,

All I needed to do was to sit there and play the waiting game,

The rejected cookies for me to claim.

kaiser's cookies making copy

Because of you and your K,

Thanks for teaching me how to be a better boy today.

I wish you all the best for the year and goodies galore.

May you show all your competitors to the door,

Best of all, Your bond and love for your family grow more and more.