The past few days just flew past and i had fun fun fun.

I’ve been wanting to meet the co-founder of my BBC for the longest time but hasn’t had much time to do so. BTW, recruitment for the club is going great. I’m getting buttons for us to wear soon.

We were all set to meet up at Sentosa.. however, he was late. Must be throwing a tantrum again.

All i could do was to entertain myself with my Squido (as christianed by Aunty Jellybeano).

(all pictures by ck)

Oh, just for your information, i heard that Cafe de Mar is looking for a beach mascot hunk. What do you think? Can i apply to be the beach hunk? Check out my bone structure, my poise and good looks!

Finally, they arrived!!

(pictures by CK)

And before long.. the sunset and we had to leave

ETA: I think that it is very BAD SPORTSMANSHIP when one rotti is unable to swim as fast as me to get Squido and decides instead to clamber all over me and tries to drown me. That was MOST CERTAINLY A FOUL… and it’s not funny when i tried to make my complaints heard by all within earshot (S: yeah right….it is funny when everyone on the beach could hear you complaining… five minutes after that incident!)

However, that wasn’t the end of all the fun. We had to wake up early this morning for some fresh air, frisbee, running, open space and fellow black and whites.

(pictures by K)

Aunty Jellybeano bought yummy food… Uncle K brought the picnic table and chairs.. S and I were all set to sit on the ground… but you know.. chairs and tables has its advantages too. And soon we were off playing frisbee and running around.

It was great fun… all the open space and no one to bother us.

Humans and canines

Behind the scenes

(various pictures by K and jellybeano)

What’s the plan for next week?? A Hash site recee…. can’t wait for that!!