Readers may know that i don’t really fancy brown dogs, well dogs that are bigger than me.. especially Huskies and German Shepherds. The first time and subsequent times that i have met any German Shepherds i had had the same reaction.

Well… i wouldn’t say that i have made any German Shepherd friends.. but i have become more tolerant of German Shepherds. Why this change? Because of this beautiful girl.

Nikki the GSD and Derek

Meet Nikki… with her Daddy. I normally meet her during my morning walks.. and it is through many of such walks that we have become more oblivious of each other’s existence. And S will tell you it’s a good thing cos otherwise… the whole neighbourhood will be WIDE AWAKE with us shouting at each other…kekekek. As you can see.. we can take walks together without us wanting to lunge at each other.. and can sit and stay in relative close distances.

Nikki was abandoned at a marina in Singapore with another dog after the thrill of owing of dogs wore off for her owner. The two dogs (another collie/spitz mix) were left with without water, food or shelter, except for the efforts of a employee who was there to care for them. When she quit working at the marina, there was no one to care for Nikki and the other dog. What’s worse was that the monsoon season came.. and they were totally helpless. The lady.. got in touch with SPCA… however, the conditions of the two dogs weren’t that great, healthwise and SPCA may not want to keep them alive.. so the lady contacted her own friends and such.. and managed to get JJ’s mum to take a look.

Turned out the Nikki is such a gentle girl.. and is a great sibling to JJ. However, due to the months of neglect that she had suffered, she now needs to bulid up strength in the hip areas and also is undergoing heartworm treatment (yup.. she’s got heartworm.. don’t think that SPCA would have treated her condition and i’m not supposed to get her all excited too!!).

All i can say that Kelly and Derek are both doing a great job.. and i’m going to miss them.. cos they’d be moving to a big house end of this week.. to a place where Nikki and JJ can run around free in and out of the house.. and in the garden too. Isn’t great?

Now.. if only i get my invite to visit them once in a while.

p/s in case you are wondering about the collie/spitz mix.. she got adopted too by a nice family too.