Field Ranger, Kingsley reporting.

Under the command of our fearless leaders, Mini Humper aka Gerald and Adrenaline junkie, Kenneth, we had a very successful recee of the dog hash site for run #62 in March.

We were receeing the site for 2 runs – Lion City HHH and SK9HHH, so we had the company humans from the 2 hashing groups consisting of our leaders, Maria, Eleven, Jadely, CK and S.

All dog hashers will be glad to know that i have survived the recee from the brink of death to bring you this report of the first recee of the site.. as you can see from the things that our fearless co-leader had to do..

As much as i like my job to be easy peasy without much hassle, a undulating terrain gives me so much more pleasure in hashing.

And since i love water… how can we not have any?

It is going to be a great one for all of us.. and you can trust my words.

We got to enjoy a nice long break on the knoll of a hill too.

And needless to say.. I had a BLAST!!!!

Do note that the dog hash committee had decided with immediate effect, for the safety of all HUMAN runners, members/guests must wear proper RUNNING SHOES on the trail. Members/guests in sandals, flip-flops or slippers will not be allowed on the run.

Oh.. and this site needs you to guide your humans.. so please stay close to your humans and leash them okies?

Here’s me and S, signing off