i know that my pictures are nice… and people may want to use them and such.. all you need to do it to use the photo links just credit me or whomever who took the pictures and link it back to my blog.

The worst thing that anyone can do is to download the picture, upload to another hosting company.. and ridicule my picture and make malicious comments and defamatory remarks.

That is a definite no-no.

And yes.. there was someone who did just that a couple of days ago.. and was S pissed. So, she captured everything… went to make a police report…. got in touch with the blog hosting co and photo hosting co. and got in touch with their legal officers.. and well.. we are awaiting further action.

I would expect that this is just a one-off case of course… not everyone is like that.. and so ignorant that she can just get away with publishing rubbish on her blog just becos it is her blog.

On a more positive note… there are other people who are using my website and pictures to be published in books! Now.. with S being a librarian.. i’m sure that she’d get those books for her collection.

The first one is written by no other than Ms. Jellybeano and her colleague!! Her writings is titled, “”Empirical Advances for the Study of Weblogs: Relevance and testing of random effects models”.

I don’t know what it means… after all.. i’m not the one with the P.H.D ( Permanent Head Damage). I never even attended school! Boo Hoo Hoo hoo!!

But here’s the abstract.. if you can understand…

“The global blogging phenomenon has caught researchers by surprise. While past research has focused on the motivations behind blogging, since the number of weblogs is growing at such an unprecedented rate, the roles played by their visitors should not be overlooked. This chapter presents an empirical analysis of weblogs from a methodological perspective that demonstrates empirical advances in this research area. Owing to the large number of weblogs in our sample and the persistent use of certain technological features in some of these weblogs, accounting for individual blog-specific effects through traditional dum-my-variable regression is infeasible.”

All i know is that there’s going to be a picture of me in the book!! Kkekekekkekekek..

I'm going to be in a book!The other book that i may be appearing in is by a couple of US authors, Beverly West, Jason Bergund, to be published in Fall 2007. It is a pictorial book that is a hysterical look at what are pets are doing while the humans are at work, coincidentally called, “What Pets Do While You’re At Work” from Scribner Books.

Now.. i’m not going to tell you which picture of mine maybe going to appear in that book.. kekek..

It’s all hush hush hush now..

Guess that when it appears.. all my friends will be getting that book for Christmas!!!


Needless to say.. All the authors got my permission to use my pictures!!