as mentioned in the last post, the humans are the strangest type of beings i know.. why do they want to be copycats instead of humans?

I present you the evidence….

You would believe me if i said they were twins right?

Not twins, but tweedle dee and tweedle dum?

What about itchy and scratchy?

As for this one… i think they all came from the same manufacturer.

But there are cool doggies on the hash..

Yu-yu… who secretly wish that she was a border collie… and tried to fool all of us by having black socks! Can someone please tell her that it’s black body and WHITE socks!!

These fellows are a riot of colours…

The foreign spy who came with the coolest hashing hat from Cambodia!

And of course the other with the newest hash name,

Summerhat Maugham

S managed to escape a hash name.. phew… i wouldn’t want to be know as the Kingsley-the-poo dog.



Can’t wait till the next hash!

On Woof!!

P/s.. Look, Uncle Mick… no mention of Stinky even though he poo-ed poo-ed at the feet of Uncle David!!!!!