Tons of dogs and humans turn out for this hash.. and it was really great that everyone was wearing proper running shoes.. and for a good reason too. We were really running in the forested area.. and as one human found out, SHE actually managed to sprain her ankle due to some lousy unlaced shoes plus wrong footing whilst running..

I really like this run.. for the reason being that the hares were really tricky… they really went all out to set false trails. So much so that even though i was running way in front for most part of the dash… i ended up being near the tail end… and had to play catch up with the rest of the humans and doggies.

I wish that i had tons of pictures to show.. however, due to someone’s re-chargeable batteries becoming unchargeable… the camera didn’t work towards the end.

Oh well.. what to do..

But upon downloading my pictures… i found that the hash people are really strange.. they seemed to like to be copying each other… hrrmmpp… i really think that they are a totally different species, you know? Not humans.. rather… COPYCATS!!!

*calm down doggies!!*

Don’t believe me? I have the evidence to show you!!!!


me tired…

will upload in a short while..

p/s… i hope that our next dash will be as fun as this was for all the hashers!

Can’t wait till my next site recee.. and hash day itself!

On Woof!