While S was caught up with the jumpers, agility and shopping (for me, no less) at the SKC dog show yesterday.. i was busy choosing my books to read at the mobile library/outreach event that the library was holding.

This is the first time that the library had such an event, and i think that it is great. Did you know that the library actually has tons of interesting books that you can read from its pet section? From stories about doggies, to our training, nutrition and even photography. See… that’s how i know how to pose for my pictures to make myself look the best at all times!

Of course some of my all time favourite books do feature my relatives. One’s Chester the out-of-work dog, another’s Sheep by Valerie Hobbs and not forgetting writings by James Herriot.

I had a wonderful time looking at the books..Let me teach you the finer details of choosing a book to read.

The first thing anyone must do is to sniff and browse

Hrrmmpp.. this book about agility training looks interesting..

Ou-oh.. i forgot to bring my library card.. and the library system’s not advance enough to scan my pawprint or even read my iris.. so.. got to speed read the book thru.

The librarians did say that if i pimp myself as a token as an incentive to encourage dogs and humans to borrow books they’d let me have some of the books to bring home.

So i did just that.

And even had to promote their Ask! service

(Thanks to CK and Lee Ping Babe for the pictures!)