i’m not for breeding.. and i don’t believe that breeding should be undertaken by those who aren’t serious about breeding. Good breeders breed to improve the breed. And that’s the way it should be and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly especially for my breed. Afterall… it is the traits that make us so interesting.. and hence.. it should be preserved and not dilute it through improper breeding.

Hence… when someone throws herself at me.. you can imagine wat kind of reaction i’d have. Not that she isn’t a lovely young lady. The sweetest and nicest girl that everyone else was clamouring after.

The object of my un-affections

You have Leo, doing his frisbee tricks to impress her but failing miserably.

Suspended in mid-air

Failing which, resorting to acting injuried and even got Milo into the act

Injuried the the cross fire

And this was the main sucker for her... whining and pining for her, you can see him going after her in the video above, proving that he is a BI and not gay as previously feared by his owner.

Love forlorn Toto

As for gay boy.. he’s gay for sure!

The prissy gay boy

All Molly did was follow me.. and shadowed wat i did…and lusting after me

Stop lusting after me!

Even when i wanted to play frisbee… she kept giving me love sick looks

Love sick looks from Molly

For the last time..

Go away..

Go away

Other than that… we had a lovely time recee the site for March’s hash

Nice scenery

On the trail

The BCs tried to convince Russell to come over to the black and white side

Come over to the black and white side

Don’t think that he’s really keen though..

And a nice picnic to end it off.

Group picture

ETA: Molly shadowing and lusting after me