Lately, i have been getting quite a lot of admirers.

First and foremost, there’s Molly (who BTW, is still looking for a furever home).

Then came Fei, who sent me her virtual Valentine wishes..

And today… i got a package addressed to me.

i was really excited and couldn’t wait to open the package.

I was so surprised to find a Valentine’s Day card and present for me all the way from my lovely girl in Canada!!!

ETA: a special photo from her to me..

i simply love her bitchy babe stare!!

Lovely, sweet Ms. Sunshade said that the moment she saw the frisbee in her Kong box, she simply knew that i’d be most thrilled with the frisbee.. and wants me to fly thru the air to catch it for her.

i was so thrilled and couldn’t wait to do what she wants me to do and slobber all over the lovely present.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the video.

And Sunshade, saw how high i jumped for the frisbee? Sorry that it was taken indoors.. will have better pictures for you once the weekend comes around!

i can’t wait for that.

I’d just like to share my sugar-coated milk bones from rocky mountain chocolate factory from Chester’s S with all my lovely girlfriends (and friends too).

Thank you all for your Valentine’s kisses.

i wish you all a happy valentines too!!

licks and kisses!

p/s: you know how we attract one other right is thru our pheromones. Does it mean that i stink all the way to Canada? Oh -no.. i don’t want to be another Stinky!