March 2007

Went for a romp before the meeting for the dog hash anniversary party. I had so much fun running and catching frisbee.

Lovely rolling hills with noone around to bother me!

But it was not so. I was really surprised when this dashing fellow came and join me with a tennis ball in his mouth. S was so taken by him.. cos we think that he saw me romping and playing with my ball that he wanted us to play with him too.

I had a lovely time… sniffed him.. and play some ball with him.

S tried to take a group picture with me in it… and har har.. guess wat? i spotted a drain to cool myself off.

(S: camera phones are too slow… blah!!)

After that… we had the meeting.. and finalised all the party planning.

And for those who can’t wait, here’s some additional details for the party!!!

And for those who are interested in coming for the hash and the party… here are the fees!

I can’t wait for tomorrow!! YIPPEEE!!


With the SK9HHH‘s 5th Anniversary dash coming up this weekend… do remember to put on your protection!!!

As for the humans… think that it is standard procedure to bring their own protection too!

i think this ad sums it up pretty much.

Why S and i run

Click on the ad to read the small print at the bottom. It pretty much sums up our running purpose!!!

BTW… S loves Asics shoes and swears by them!

Psstt… will Asics be ever making shoes for me?

Easter is just round the corner.. and it’s time for the Easter Bunny to appear again.

Watch this place very carefully…

He’s going to make his appearance really soon!!!

Guess wat.. i took part in another women’s run.

This time round it was the women’s outdoor challenge. Did a 8k run… the heat was horrible. It started at 5.15pm which i felt was too early and i didn’t nearly get enough rest too.. cos S had to run off for a wedding dinner immediately after the run. (psstt… i heard that her legs were killing her when she wore heels that night. Didn’t help that the car was parked in basement 2 and she had to climb 4 flights of stairs up and down!)

it was funny.. cos as i was in the mist of running.. there was this little girl who pointed out to me and said to her daddy,”Look, a doggy!” And her daddy replied,”I hope it is a girl doggy!”

That put a smile on my face.

Needless to say, we did take our before and after running group pictures. We will have to wait for the pictures to be out.

Meanwhile, here’s one from my last running session at the Great Eastern Women’s Run.

As you can see… everyone is glowing with sweat.. except me! Me? i don’t sweat… just let my tongue hang out!

Can’t wait for next weekend!!!

The next Dash is the 5th Anniversary Run!!!!!

Dash #63

Date: Saturday 31 March 2007

Time: 3:30pm Registration

5:00pm Run Starts

Location; Hamilton Place 2 (Seletar Airbase)

Map: 2005/ 2006 Edition page; 28 2­­-C

Direction: From CTE to TPE exit 12 enter Seletar Camp, at Piccadilly circus 2nd left into Maida Vale drive straight till Park Lane turn left into Hyde Park Gate, left again into Hamilton Place.


P/S New members please don’t forget to bring along your fill in membership registration form.

Members fees:

Non-Beer Drinkers $ FOC

Beer drinker $ FOC

Early Bird pre-registration $ 40 and get a surprise limited edition Gift!!!!

Last minutes registration $ 50

Dogs……… FOC

*Fees include all drinks and circle snacks.

For further information call

Sandra hp: 9833 9317

Alice hp: 9842 2483

Lily hp: 9658 5868

Web page:

pictures by st.jehanne
Isn’t it great?

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