The run that we set was at the Kranji War Memorial. After all, it is where the founder of the hash, A. S. Gispert was laid to rest.

It took us a few recees to really determine the trail. After all, we had to make sure that the trail was interesting and long enough for an hour’s run.

Well, needless to say, i had a blast during the recee and setting of the trail and i hope that all my doggy runners and their humans enjoyed it. And looking at the pictures… the run was a success. I can’t wait for the 5th Anniversary Run cum Celebrations!

Stinky just waiting to be let out.

And once he’s out.. he’s got the zoomies!

Sparky was just waiting for 5pm.

Doing some socialising and sniffing.

Now.. getting down to BUSINESS.

All eyes and ears for the briefing.

And we are off running!!!


And not forgetting dogs

And Me.. leading the whole pack!

But had to turn back cos everyone was so slow!!

As mentioned, this run was laid along a busy road so all good doggies had to lead their owners.

And the refreshing part of the run.. where everyone enjoyed themselves so much, except for Ah Chai, Russell and Summerhat Maugham ( I suspect he was afraid of getting his hat wet!).

Ah Chai after a while in the stream, absolutely refused to move.. and Aunty Ann just left him behind.. prompting Aunty Alice to carry him cos she pitied him so much. As for Russell? He was the only dog that kept going up on to the sandbank at every opportunity!

A handsome dog in the forested areas

And beautiful Princess and Duchess!

And whose’s butt is this?

For the record.. there was three beagles; Oliver, Marco and Sparky.. and boy.. did all of them cause some humans to be confused.

“Where’s Sparky?” “Oh.. there he goes!” “Sparky! Sparky!” (no response) “That’s Oliver and not Sparky!”

Micky and Christine enjoying the slippery slopes.

All too soon, it was circle time.

Welcoming drink for all the virgin dashers.

This dog thought that Ah Hua was drinking from his bowl.

It was all over too soon

But everyone agreed that it was a great run!

So wat if it rained? All the more fun splishing and splashing!

See you all dashers at the

5th Anniversary Run cum Celebrations

P/s: Molly the human was given the hash name – The Dominator!!!