I’m going to be pimping myself again !!!

This time round, it is going to be in a shopping mall!! How cool is that? After all, it is not very often that we, especially big dogs, get to step into nice air-con public areas and be part of the centre of attraction!!.

Doggywood will be at Hougang Mall from 9th – 14th March. And I will be there on both weekends, Sat and Sun as one of the dogs that people can queue up to take pictures with! And the photographer is none other than my fave photographer, CK and my fave person in the whole wide world, S!!

Other dogs who are invited “celebrities” include Wester (who is celebrating his birthday on Sat!), Waylah , Ah Girl, Miko, my extended JRT family, Shaggy and some other dogs… (I was sleeping at home when they decided to volunteer my services!!)

There will be doggy events from 1pm onwards, with various contests and performance by my fellow dogs. Obedience, doggy idol, fastest eaters, dogwalk fashion and of cos the photography session.

The photography session will start at 6pm and it will be free for people who spend $30 at Hougang Mall on those days. So.. if you want your own personal picture with me… come down to Hougang Mall this or next weekend at 5.30pm.

P/s… BTW.. the library will be there too… and in some way.. S is also involved in that as well. Funny how things work out. So, do get your library card ready.. There’s lots of interesting and cool books that you can borrow home to read too!