Once-abandoned dog alerts owner to fire in shophouse By Faith Teo
March 16, 2007, last accessed from http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,4136,124974,00.html?


SOMEONE had dumped Salad, a golden retriever, more than two years ago.

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Mr Liu with Salad, which he adopted two years ago. — SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

Mr Liu Fu Cai took it in, saving the dog from the streets.

Last Monday morning, Salad its owner’s kindness.

A fire had broken out at an altar in Mr Liu’s shophouse at Block 2, Balestier Road at about 4am. The shops sells prayer items.

Mr Liu was sleeping upstairs, with his other dog, and was oblivious to what was going on in his shop. He was the only person in the shophouse.

But Salad, which usually stays downstairs at night because the overweight dog finds it a chore to climb steps, sensed that something was wrong and rushed up the stairs barking.

It even tugged at Mr Liu’s leg.

He told Shin Min Daily News: ‘It must have been 4am, and Salad ran up the stairs and stood by my bed barking non-stop. He kept biting my leg.’

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Mr Liu went down, saw the fire and tried to put it out using a towel. When it didn’t work, he used a fire extinguisher.

After the fire was put out, Mr Liu found that the damage was mostly at the altar area and suspected that a melting lotus lamp might have started the fire.


Mr Liu’s business partner, identified only as Mr Wong, said that neighbours told him they had seen an orange glow in the shophouse, but assumed that it was the two men burning incense paper.

Mr Liu told Shin Min Daily News: ‘The most important thing is that everyone is okay. I am indebted to Salad.’

He said he had taken Salad in because he could not bear the thought of the dog living on the streets.

But Salad is also a favourite with the workers who come to the neighbourhood for lunch every day.

Mr Wong said people often look for Salad during lunch time to play with it. They also buy food for it, which has made it obese.

‘Salad’s lunch menu is always very elaborate. He eats all sorts of good stuff, and we don’t even have to feed him.’

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The fact that Salad made the effort to dash upstairs to warn Mr Liu about the fire has touched him deeply.

‘My neighbours say Salad was repaying my kindness to him. I’m not sure if that’s true, but the fact is he’s saved me from danger.

‘He’s even more important to me now, and I will love him and look after him until his last day.’


Isn’t it wonderful? And i’m so glad that Salad found someone who adopted him. Mr. Liu, needless to say, is deeply rewarded by his own kind deed.