Guess wat.. i took part in another women’s run.

This time round it was the women’s outdoor challenge. Did a 8k run… the heat was horrible. It started at 5.15pm which i felt was too early and i didn’t nearly get enough rest too.. cos S had to run off for a wedding dinner immediately after the run. (psstt… i heard that her legs were killing her when she wore heels that night. Didn’t help that the car was parked in basement 2 and she had to climb 4 flights of stairs up and down!)

it was funny.. cos as i was in the mist of running.. there was this little girl who pointed out to me and said to her daddy,”Look, a doggy!” And her daddy replied,”I hope it is a girl doggy!”

That put a smile on my face.

Needless to say, we did take our before and after running group pictures. We will have to wait for the pictures to be out.

Meanwhile, here’s one from my last running session at the Great Eastern Women’s Run.

As you can see… everyone is glowing with sweat.. except me! Me? i don’t sweat… just let my tongue hang out!