Went for a romp before the meeting for the dog hash anniversary party. I had so much fun running and catching frisbee.

Lovely rolling hills with noone around to bother me!

But it was not so. I was really surprised when this dashing fellow came and join me with a tennis ball in his mouth. S was so taken by him.. cos we think that he saw me romping and playing with my ball that he wanted us to play with him too.

I had a lovely time… sniffed him.. and play some ball with him.

S tried to take a group picture with me in it… and har har.. guess wat? i spotted a drain to cool myself off.

(S: camera phones are too slow… blah!!)

After that… we had the meeting.. and finalised all the party planning.

And for those who can’t wait, here’s some additional details for the party!!!

And for those who are interested in coming for the hash and the party… here are the fees!

I can’t wait for tomorrow!! YIPPEEE!!