April 2007

Who’s the fastest dog  yet again!!!

With vouchers to go grocery shopping from Carrefour.

More food for me!!!

Hope that the next dog show will be more challenging.. maybe i’d go and check out the agility competition!

BTW something disgusting happened… some other dog actually has the audacity to fling his poo poo onto my S. How on earth did that happen?

You know how some dog are so fond of using their hind legs to spread their scent after pooing? Guess which dog has the smarts to kick his own poo and guess of all the people.. the poo has to land on whom?

blah.. i was holding my breath the whole time after it happened.

BTW.. i had a whole lot of fun with the DWB chat pawty.. got to know lots dogs.. and had a blast testing out wat words became @@#$#@ in the chatroom..

And guess who’s the biggest potty mouth??



photo by Lawrence Ripsher (click on the picture to see a larger picture)

See the whole series here

I love it.

Good read to recommend.. even though i don’t understand Japanese.

Go and visit Hatch-Chan

This post cracked me up!


And as you can see.. Hatch-Chan is a border cat too!

You think we’d be good friends?

Black and White RULEZ!!!

(Ballard Street April 23, 2007)

Cos this is wat we have been doing with Ash the border bunny.

When i woke up this morning, i was darn excited to go out. On top of it being the weekend (everyone knows that i have the most fun on the weekends. Packed to the brim with agility to photography expeditions to frisbee and even messing around with my BBC President!!), it is Ash’s photography day. We had been waiting to take pictures of Ash for the longest time.

i was really upset when she let me out of the house, only to discover that she left me all alone outside. How does she expect me to press the lift button all by myself?

(S: darn funny sight! Silly Kingsley!)

And you were wondering who Ash is? Here’s Ash.

She is a 3 year old border rabbit!!! kekkekeke.. isn’t she pretty?

Took us sometime to finally take some pictures of her cos we had to buy a rabbit leash (say that 10 times really fast and see whether you get tongue tied or not! ) for her so that we could bring her out of her cage and take her out to walk together with us.

The black and white border collie and the black and white border rabbit. Wouldn’t you want to see us on our walks?

FYI: Ash doesn’t stay in the house with us. Ash was adopted from SPCA by one of our neighbours. While she is staying in a cage in the compound, we help to look after her by feeding, cleaning and excerising her.

I don’t know how many of you guys out there like me love Ben & Jerry’s.

But I really love them.. so much so that i’d stick my head right in to the tub, whether i get the chance to and refuse to come up for air.

Hence, i’m now so pleased that i have a Ben & Jerry’s something to bring around with. The best part is that i’m not the only one with something new today!! She got a woven lupine keyring to match my leash!!!

A limited edition (so-claimed) Ben & Jerry’s woven cow leash from Lupine. We’ve been told that there’s less than 5 pieces of the leash in Singapore and even i can’t Google to find anything on it at all. Given that it is a lupine leash… i’m mighty pleased with it. After all, their warranty is renowned and has a very solid reputation on producing one of the most hardy, best leashes and collars there is.

Most importantly, don’t you think that the cows go with my fur very well?

Now i have no more qualms grazing grass!!

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