I don’t know how many of you guys out there like me love Ben & Jerry’s.

But I really love them.. so much so that i’d stick my head right in to the tub, whether i get the chance to and refuse to come up for air.

Hence, i’m now so pleased that i have a Ben & Jerry’s something to bring around with. The best part is that i’m not the only one with something new today!! She got a woven lupine keyring to match my leash!!!

A limited edition (so-claimed) Ben & Jerry’s woven cow leash from Lupine. We’ve been told that there’s less than 5 pieces of the leash in Singapore and even i can’t Google to find anything on it at all. Given that it is a lupine leash… i’m mighty pleased with it. After all, their warranty is renowned and has a very solid reputation on producing one of the most hardy, best leashes and collars there is.

Most importantly, don’t you think that the cows go with my fur very well?

Now i have no more qualms grazing grass!!