When i woke up this morning, i was darn excited to go out. On top of it being the weekend (everyone knows that i have the most fun on the weekends. Packed to the brim with agility to photography expeditions to frisbee and even messing around with my BBC President!!), it is Ash’s photography day. We had been waiting to take pictures of Ash for the longest time.

i was really upset when she let me out of the house, only to discover that she left me all alone outside. How does she expect me to press the lift button all by myself?

(S: darn funny sight! Silly Kingsley!)

And you were wondering who Ash is? Here’s Ash.

She is a 3 year old border rabbit!!! kekkekeke.. isn’t she pretty?

Took us sometime to finally take some pictures of her cos we had to buy a rabbit leash (say that 10 times really fast and see whether you get tongue tied or not! ) for her so that we could bring her out of her cage and take her out to walk together with us.

The black and white border collie and the black and white border rabbit. Wouldn’t you want to see us on our walks?

FYI: Ash doesn’t stay in the house with us. Ash was adopted from SPCA by one of our neighbours. While she is staying in a cage in the compound, we help to look after her by feeding, cleaning and excerising her.