Who’s the fastest dog  yet again!!!

With vouchers to go grocery shopping from Carrefour.

More food for me!!!

Hope that the next dog show will be more challenging.. maybe i’d go and check out the agility competition!

BTW something disgusting happened… some other dog actually has the audacity to fling his poo poo onto my S. How on earth did that happen?

You know how some dog are so fond of using their hind legs to spread their scent after pooing? Guess which dog has the smarts to kick his own poo and guess of all the people.. the poo has to land on whom?

blah.. i was holding my breath the whole time after it happened.

BTW.. i had a whole lot of fun with the DWB chat pawty.. got to know lots dogs.. and had a blast testing out wat words became @@#$#@ in the chatroom..

And guess who’s the biggest potty mouth??