Now that my buddy has gotten his first taste of the competition

It’d soon be my turn to show off my moves…. i hope it’d be good moves too!

(pictures by CK)

Oh.. i forgot to mention that i DEDICATE my win to this girl???

She was the one that was on my mind as i ran towards the finish line.. imagining that she is there waiting for me. All i dream of sniffing her boootilicious butt!!

Sunshade… next time will video for you, okies?

BTW, i forgot to mention that i had a blast with Texas dude and Bussie at the DWB pawty.

See what we did to Sunshade!!


Oh.. and i got to know a dog who not only a CH for his breed, a Master Earthdog and becoming very very very good at agility too. But you know.. i think it is dangerous for him to go for agility trials… cos so many of my cousins think that he’s a sheep!

Don’t believe me?

Check out Rudy’s blog.

Here’s a sneak of his picture