As some of you guys know.. i came from a shelter, a very good shelter to be honest called Mutts and Mittens.

I am really grateful and thankful for the care and concern that they show me during my stay there. And best of all, they didn’t give up on me and even helped me to find my furever home.

Now, come June, Mutts and Mittens are having an adoption cum fund raising drive.

1. Adoption drive to get the homeless dogs a home;

2. Raise fund to sterlise animals in the shelter.

How can you help?

1. Donate human and doggy stuff to sell at the drive. (Drop a note if you have things to donate. I can arrange for my S to pick up. Altenratively, you can bring down to Mutts and Mittens.)

2. Come down for the adoption drive to buy things and donate money.

3. Adopt a dog/cat if you are able to

4. Spread the word to your contacts

P/s… unfortunately, on that day.. i will not be going down as S is working. however, we have prepared a whole lot of stuff to sell. From branded new clothings (with tags even), electronics, cute doggy diaries to doggy stuff!