Hrrmmpp… S went shopping for her facial supplies today.. and found to her surprise that my stuff was selling along side hers!!!

Origins, Doggy Dip™ Silky coat dog shampoo

You think i’d be worth that $60 shampoo? It doesn’t cost not much more than what i’m currently using, which is running low btw, after 1 year!!

Seems that this shampoo is not bad.. winning the ANIMAL FAIR MAGAZINE’S FIVE DOG BONE AWARDS. It was reported that this shampoo “with scents of lavender and citronella, this gentle lather manages to silken all dog coat textures while providing moisture for the dry, scaly skin.  Not to mention it’s protection against fleas, which Lucky would agree are the most unpleasant “accessory” for any pet.  Thanks to Origins, pets can rid their coats of unwanted intruders and beautify themselves all in one shampooing.

My only concern is that lavender smelling stuff will put me to sleep like what it does to S, when she gets ready for bed.

Maybe it’s a good idea..maybe she can smell me to sleep instead? Oh no… what if i smell myself and become so calm and sleepy after using the shampoo that i become a pansy wansy?

I can’t!!! I’m the founder of the BBC!!!


BTW people, don’t forget to drop by Mutts and Mittens this sunday for the donation cum adoption drive!!