Now, i’m a border collie correct?

A characteristic of the border collie is the herding eye. It’s been said that “when working, this breed will usually be seen in the crouched position, with their alert eyes fixed on the job in hand. The ‘hypnotic’ eye characteristic is probably more defined in the Border Collie than any other breed and it is this quality which makes them so superb in herding sheep, using their eyes to guide a herd without the need to nip or bark.”

And that “most people admire a dog that works with its head low to the ground, with its hindquarters high and its tail tucked between its hind legs. They can run as fast as the wind, yet stop in an instant or switch directions without stopping. They don’t take their eyes off their sheep. Their intense gaze is focused on the stock, willing them to obey, to go where the dog directs them, to stop if the dog blocks their path. The stock aren’t rushed or afraid, but they certainly respect the dog. A good Border Collie’s obsession is its livestock, and this is as it should be.”

Now, i have plenty of friends who are working dogs…

Chant at San Diego Scottish Highlands Sheepdog trails
(picture by Danielle)

Wick hold off sheep at the gate
(picture by Kristi)

The stare off between sheep and Patch
(picture by Kristi)

Hence, even though i don’t get to herd sheep in Singapore, i must practise my collie stare.

How’s this for a start?

NOO?? Not intense enough?

How about this?

Me with the crouch and the stare

From the side.

It has been said that somehow, “darker-eyed dogs tend to lack confidence and avoid confrontation, and lighter-eyed dogs tend to have more eye and be stickier. Medium-color-eyed dogs would therefore be considered about right, having eye and confidence but not being sticky.”


Maybe it’s true. i would be moving along too if Chesny uses his stare on me!

(picture by Danielle)