Do you know who is Ben Kingsley?

Well.. meet Ben and Kingsley over here!!

That’s Ben and I’m Kingsley..

Together we are Ben Kingsley..

Muarharhar..  What do you mean we don’t even look like him?

This fellow is a lookalike!! har har har

Had so much fun during last sat’s dog hash. It was a great run set by Leader Shit. Lots of mud and water. The way i like it.

Oh.. we even saw the Singapore flag flying when we were running.

See the helicopters behind??? It was carrying the Singapore flag!!

As for the circle.. it was hilarious!

It was a plot right out of the movies.

A lost and found black book, a double 007, sabotages, actors and actresses, academy awards given out and even new shoes!!

So much laughter… Do ask Duchess’ mummy how Duchess got her best actress award!

I can’t wait for the next hash!

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