August 2007

I have really exciting news…

kekekek.. guess what? I have a new and very cool website of my very own!!

Head on over to

We have a fun time coming up with the name. 

Naturally, the first choice was However, that was taken. Then we considered That didn’t sound that nice as i have an international audience! That means you, you and you.. and lots more doggies and peeps out there.

Then we thought about But that sounds REALLY Narcissistic.

So.. we came back to one suggestion that someone gave us before… kingsleydog (playing up on the word D-O-T) dot com.

And there you have it!!

It’s what i have been working on for the past week.

Go and check it up. Remember to update your link to the new webby address at Do drop me a comment to tell me if you like it or not!!!!

Cheerios!! and see you all at the new site!!


look out for it 😛

Saucony 100PLUS PAssion Run 2007
Find more Runs in Singapore, Singapore

This is really cool All thanks to Buster, who told me about Now, i can keep track of my runs, the distance and such.

S and I have been tracking our runs for the past week. It’s nice to see the distance we covered. Gives us a sense of achievement!!

This was the run i did for the PAssion Run back in July. I have a few more runs coming up. So keep your eyes peeled.

So wonderful. Thanks again Buster!!!

Sometime ago, i went for the PAssion run.

As the end of the run, we normally take pictures.. pictures of how long and hard we ran .. (not).

Anyways, the reason why i like going to such places is cos there are lots and lots of interesting smelly people.

And guess wat? I got busted peeking and smelling where i shouldn’t be peeking and smelling!

I really thought that no one could see me!

Check out J laughing her head off (click on picture to view LARGE size)!

Other pictures

before and after Aware run in March 2007

Thanks for the lovely pictures!! Great memories.. somehow the heat is distant memories now!

This picture is best seen LARGE!!!

(click on picture to see by Lawrence Ripsher)

I bet my squido was quivering and scared senseless with the thought of being mauled by my co-founder of BBC.

How come my jumps look so mild in comparison?

I need a better photographer like Lawrence to take my pictures!

Hrrmmpp… she came back with this for me.

Seems that it’s the height of fashion where she went on holidays for 2 weeks!

Don’t believe me? See the pictures she took as evidence!

Even the huts have coneheads!!!

oh well… if you can’t beat them, join them!

Hiya all! Seems that i missed lots of happening stuff.. from the chat pawty with dwb guys and gals and such!!!

well… S actually went away and she left me alone in the park!!!

Not true really… i was being cared for by Aunty A.

Needless to say, i’m glad to be back home though.. and oh.. S said that i lost weight.

i have to say that this was wat Aunty A did to me

see the video titled Shape up with Shaun

After all… Milo went from this

to this!!!

(picture by Ben (of Ben Kingsley fame)‘s site

Amazing huh?

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