I have really exciting news…

kekekek.. guess what? I have a new and very cool website of my very own!!

Head on over to http://www.kingsleydog.com/

We have a fun time coming up with the name. 

Naturally, the first choice was kingsley.com. However, that was taken. Then we considered kingsley.sg. That didn’t sound that nice as i have an international audience! That means you, you and you.. and lots more doggies and peeps out there.

Then we thought about iamkingsley.com. But that sounds REALLY Narcissistic.

So.. we came back to one suggestion that someone gave us before… kingsleydog (playing up on the word D-O-T) dot com.

And there you have it!!

It’s what i have been working on for the past week.

Go and check it up. Remember to update your link to the new webby address at www.kingsleydog.com. Do drop me a comment to tell me if you like it or not!!!!

Cheerios!! and see you all at the new site!!